About SSMY

On:November 4, 2016

While we emphasise on the well-being of the body through the active practice of yoga postures, we place an equal focus on the well-being of the mind and soul via the diligent practice of yogic breathing and meditation to bring about a complete and all-rounded benefit to the mind, body and soul. With a strong and calm mind, body and soul students will find themselves advancing on the path of personal growth and self-realisation.

At SSMY, we also believe that yoga is a life-long journey and can be made more fun and enjoyable with good companionship. Hence teachers at SSMY are committed to developing and growing with our students as they advance in their practice of yogic breathing, meditation and yoga postures. In the same spirit, we maintain contact and provide advice and support for our graduates from yoga teacher training course after the course has ended.

3 Pillars of SSMY

Breathing is the most critical process of the body, yet most of us hardly breathe well. Unknowingly, we tend to subject ourselves to shallow breathing and deprive the body and mind versus enjoying the energising and balance benefits if we breathe deeply, slowly and rhythmically. At SSMY, we emphasise on getting the breathing right. We incorporate pranayama practices in our regular yoga classes, hold pranayama and yoga sleep classes to help students to energise and balance the energy flows in the body, which will help to create a calm state of mind. pranayama workshops are also held for students who will like to advance in their understanding and practice of pranayama.
At SSMY, we follow the yogic way of meditation, which is mantra meditation. Mantra comes from the Sanskrit word Mana which means mind and the suffix -tra which means instrument of thought that draws the mind away from material subjects. Mantras are spiritual sound vibrations. Meditation is synonymous with prayer. It connects the soul to the spiritual world, the realm of the supreme person.Mantra meditation cleanses our hearts and makes us see the absolute truth more clearly. It cultivates one’s understanding of his true identity, which is the real path to happiness. It enables him to get rid of his false identities and steer clear of material gratification. The ultimate goal of meditation is self-realisation. It means understanding that “I am a spirit soul in essence. I am not my material body.”  
To practice mantra meditation is to experience peace and tranquillity, and to achieve self-satisfaction and sobriety.
Join us for our regular meditation Monday that is held at our studio 7-8pm to experience peace and tranquillity through mantra meditation.
“Having done asana, one attains steadiness of body and mind, freedom from disease and lightness of the limbs.” ~Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Through the regular practise of yoga postures, a person gradually develops control of the body through asana, which in turn leads to the mind being controlled. As one continues with asana practice diligently, the person will be able to maintain the physical body in a balance and optimum state while improving the focus, awareness, confidence and overall physical health of the body.
As the mind, body and soul are not separate entities, it is vital that we effectively integrate the practise of pranayama, meditation and yoga asana in one’s practice, which SSMY highly embraces and emphasises to all our students.