Our Teachers

On:November 4, 2016


Sriman Japa Das
Founder and Yoga Master

Japa Das’ spiritual name was given by his guru upon receiving his spiritual initiation at age 17 in the ashram where he learnt yoga since 9. In November 2014, he founded the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga with the aim of sharing the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy with students. An advocate of healthy living, vegetarianism and respect for the environment, he is a dedicated family man, successful businessman, accomplished trainer, speaker and an author – he published his maiden book, The Gem Collection: A Compilation of Wisdom, in December 2010.


Tian Yinuo
Senior Yoga Teacher

In 2002, the health benefits of yoga drew Yi Nuo to deepen her practice. She began teaching and learning different types of yoga in 2006 – hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, sivananda yoga, yin yoga, yoga therapy and iyengar yoga. Teaching students based on their learning goals and physiques, she is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance. She obtained her Diploma in Yoga Therapy from SVYASA University, Bangalore and helps students who are working in stressful environments and nurtures new yoga teachers by conducting the Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC).


依诺从2006年开始教课,并广泛地了解和学习不同学派的瑜伽,包括哈达瑜伽(hatha Yoga),阿斯汤加瑜伽(Ashtanga Yoga),悉瓦南达瑜伽(sivananda yoga ),阴瑜伽 (yin yoga),瑜伽理疗(yoga therapy)和艾扬格瑜伽 (iyengar yoga) 等。她丰富的瑜伽知识和经验让她能够针对学生不同的的学习需求和体质有效地教导学生。依诺是全美瑜伽联盟认证的资深注册瑜伽老师(E-RYT 500, Yoga Alliance),同时也持有印度辨喜大学(SVYASA)的瑜伽理疗硕士文凭(Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy。依诺积极地为在高压环境下工作的人士开班授课,并且也乐于举办瑜伽导师培训课程,栽培新的瑜伽老师。


Ting Ting
Yoga Teacher

Ting Ting began her passionate yoga practices since 2003 and started teaching in 2006. Upon her 200-hr completion of Anusara TTC in 2009, she studied iyengar yoga at Omkranada Ashram, India. Ting Ting proceeded to Beijing to teach yoga before moving to Singapore to continue her strong yoga practice as well as her regular back bending and hand stand.

婷婷从2003年开始她的瑜伽旅程, 2006年开始教授瑜伽。在2009年完成了她的200小时阿努萨拉(anusara yoga)瑜伽教师培训课程之后,她去印度的 Omkranada Ashram 学习艾扬格瑜伽(iyengar Yoga)一个月。之后她在北京继续教授瑜伽。婷婷有着很规律的自我练习,尤其喜欢练习后弯和手倒立 (包括所有的倒立)。


Yoga Teacher

Alma is a registered nutritionist dietitian and specializes in wellness and special dietary meal needs and nutritional counselling. Having had 3 years’ experience of bikram, hatha and ashtanga yoga practice, she is also an individual with 18 years of knowledge in the field of food and beverage. Her deep practice and understanding of yoga guides her in her everyday life as she imparts the knowledge to others as well.


Yoga Teacher

An adventurous individual with advanced teacher training in hatha and ashtanga, Gwen’s abilities to connect with people on all aspects has made her yoga journey an exciting and fulfilling one. She finds immense joy in her practise of yoga, a healthy body, peaceful mind and the continuous discovery of self and helping others attaining the same joy.